By taking control of the Senate, Republicans have also gained increased influence over federal courts and the appointment of federal judges, which will help limit President Obama's legislative agenda and force him to compromise during his last two years in office.

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"This could spell the end of the president's plan to pack the federal courts with really liberal federal judges and even Supreme Court Justices going forward," Peter Johnson Jr. said on "Fox and Friends."

Johnson explained that of the 280 federal judges that have been appointed by President Obama and approved by the Senate, there is a high percentage of minorities, women and liberals.

Now that Republicans control the Senate, they will most likely not approve Obama's extremely liberal candidates, Johnson said, hopefully forcing him to nominate more moderate judges.

Steve Doocy noted that the Senate must also give consent to the president's picks for cabinet, so that appointment process will be altered, as well.

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At the end of the day, Americans just want to see results from Congress, Johnson said, and many are wondering if the president is willing to meet Republicans in the middle.

"The American people are not going to put up with shenanigans by Democrats or Republicans," Johnson said. "People are going to be looking at both parties ... who's going to be the adult in the room? Who's going to act in a responsible way? Who's going to act in a way consistent with the Constitution and with first principles going forward?"

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