Republican Joni Ernst gave a victory speech tonight after defeating Democratic challenger Bruce Braley in the United States Senate race in Iowa.

“Well Iowa, we did it!” she exclaimed.

Ernst called Braley a worthy opponent, saying, “We didn’t agree on much, but I do admire anyone who is willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in.”

“From the biscuit line at Hardee’s to the United States Senate: thanks to all of you, we are heading to Washington and we are going to make them squeal,” she said.

“In Washington, politicians are more interested in talking than doing. They ignore problems, hoping they’ll go away. But you know what, ISIS isn’t just going to go away. The almost 18 trillion dollars of national debt is not just going to go away. Our economic struggles aren’t just going to go away, and our problems aren’t just going to go away on their own. But we can overcome them because this is the greatest nation in the history of mankind and there is nothing we can’t achieve,” Ernst said.

She stressed that it will start with new leadership.

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