New Senator-elect in West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito isn't just the state's first female Senator, she is also the first Republican elected to that office in more than 60 years.

Moore Capito said on "Fox and Friends" this morning, "It's such an honor to be elected, and I feel really privileged that West Virginia is sending a woman to the Senate."

"And for all those young West Virginia girls and young women, I hope that this is just the beginning of a trend."

She said that her victory was more about policies than gender, and West Virginians saw that President Obama's agenda was not working and wanted a new voice in the Senate.

Moore Capito added that the GOP's control of both the House and Senate will hopefully end the political gridlock in Washington and allow the parties to work together.

"There's lots of common ground," she said. And I'm ready to work in a bi-partisan way across the aisle. I've done it my entire career."

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