Today, the "Outnumbered" panel sounded off on Republicans' sweeping victory last night in the midterm election and how the GOP gained such support from voters.

Tucker Carlson remarked that he has never seen a campaign as ugly as this one and that Democrats seemingly ran on two issues: abortion and racial division.

"Those campaign tactics are super ugly, and I'm just glad they didn't work," Carlson said.

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According to Jedediah Bila, this election was a reminder that the economy comes number one and the American people are focused on jobs.

She explained that people have lost faith in the Obama administration to deliver in that area, which gives Republicans a huge opportunity.

"I think the message from voters is, 'Stop with the nonsense. Stop with this 'war on women.' Stop talking about birth control when we're trying to figure out how to put food on the table,'" Bila said. "That was the message."

Watch the "Outnumbered" panel weigh in on the GOP's big win in the clip above.

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