It was a good night for Republicans, a bad night for Democrats and, as always, a very entertaining night on Fox News. 

By now you know the outcome and you've heard all the analysis, but here were some memorable moments you might have missed, especially after the Senate was called. 

1) "The Campaign Cowboys" dressed the part as "America's Election HQ" came to a close.

“I know I look ridiculous, but I figure by this time of the evening either you’re drunk or you have a sense of humor,” said Chris Wallace.

He was joined by fellow cowboys Rove and Trippi. 

2) You must remember the original Decision Desk Walk from 2012. That happened when Karl Rove questioned whether Ohio could be called for President Obama. 

Now it's officially an election night tradition, as Megyn took the long walk once again... 

3) At some point after midnight on the east coast, a candy machine joined Bret and Megyn: 

4) Brit Hume is officially addicted to Twitter. He revealed the person on that very set who outed him on Twitter a few years ago. 

"I never imagined that I would find it as useful I do. ... After a while I kind of felt, well this is sort of fun, so I changed it to my real name and now I use it for all kinds of things."

5) There are victory speeches and then there is Joni Ernst's victory speech. Let's face it, the line, "we are going to make them squeal!" isn't something you hear every day in politics.

That was a nod to this campaign ad that garnered her a ton of attention:

6) Two years removed from his presidential election defeat, Mitt Romney reflected on the wave of Republican victories. 

"Right now, [Americans] see where President Obama stands and they're passing judgment on his record and his vision." 

See more reaction from Krauthammer, Ingraham, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan.

7) And one final laugh... 

Megyn Kelly: "We are officially in data mode."

Let us know your favorite moment from Election Night 2014!