New Jersey governor and Republican Governors Association chairman Chris Christie said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that Republican governors and candidates did very well in the midterm election and it was a huge night for the GOP.

"We were the exact opposite of the Senate map," Christie explained. "We were defending two-thirds of seats last night. Nine of the seats we were defending, the president won those states [in 2012]."

"We won eight of those nine races last night."

Of the map of the U.S. that now appears more red than blue, Christie said, "I love that map this morning. It looks absolutely fabulous."

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Christie was also asked about his early predictions for the 2016 presidential election and who might enter the race.

"It's a very serious decision for anybody to make to run for President of the United States," Christie said. "People should do that deliberately, and then make whatever decision they think is best for themselves, their family and our country."

Steve Doocy pointed out that the Fox News exit poll asked voters who would make a good president, with 69% responding that Christie would.

"I'm going to be taking all 69% of those people out to dinner tonight," Christie joked. "That's extraordinarily wonderful of them."

"Listen, polls two years away from a race that I'm not even in really don't mean a whole lot to me. Except I would like to be nice to those 69% of the people. They're good folks."

Watch more above, including Christie's thoughts on his infamous run-in with a heckler at a recent event marking the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.