All eyes will be on the White House at 2:50p ET, when President Obama is scheduled to hold a news conference following the Republicans winning control of the Senate. 

Ed Henry reported from the White House this morning on what last night's wave of GOP victories means for Obama and his final two years. 

Here's a recap of Ed's report:

- Harry Reid's chief of staff, David Krone, immediately blamed the White House, telling The Washington Post:

“The president’s approval rating is barely 40 percent,” Krone said. “What else more is there to say? . . . He wasn’t going to play well in North Carolina or Iowa or New Hampshire. I’m sorry. It doesn’t mean that the message was bad, but sometimes the messenger isn’t good.” 

- Henry said it wasn't just an unfavorable map that did in the Democrats, pointing out that Colorado was won twice by President Obama, but Sen. Mark Udall (D) was unseated. 

Also, in Maryland - which is considered a very blue state - the president campaigned for the gubernatorial candidate, who unexpectedly lost. 

- Henry said he wants to hear the president answer the question about what Americans think of his policies, based on last night's results. 

- Henry said President Obama doesn't have much of a relationship with soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has a better relationship with Joe Biden. 

- In 2009, Obama famously told Eric Cantor in a private meeting that "elections have consequences" after the Democrats won the White House and controlled Congress. So what will he say now?