Since the arrest of a U.S. Marine seven months ago at the southern border, Greta Van Susteren has followed his imprisonment and the legal battle for his release.

Last night, Van Susteren got the call that the Marine was ready to be interviewed. Van Susteren hopped on a plane to Florida and this morning – the moment that she had been waiting for – she got to interview Tahmooressi.

“I was so happy to see him in person and get to welcome him home,” she said.

For the first and only time, you will hear directly from Tahmooressi about the ordeal.

Don’t miss the special hour, “Marine Freed: Sgt. Tahmooressi’s Story” on On the Record, Thursday at 7p/2a ET.

And check out Greta's latest blog post on the incarceration of Sgt. Tahmooressi at Gretawire:

MY WARNING TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND EVERYONE ELSE and MY PLEA FOR HIM:  Sgt. Tahmooressi is paranoid and has had access to guns.  He has PTSD.  That is obvious.  Please help him.  He is a good man and he helped us with 2 tours in Afghanistan (plus getting hit with an IED!) If we  look the other way, and we should not, there is always the risk of danger and then of course people will say he is not a good man.   He is.  He is also a proud man — like all marines — and this is all the more difficult.

I recommend the US Military send a fellow marine, who has been to Afghanistan, been hit by an IED, and who has likewise struggled with PTSD to talk to him.  The rest of us can’t walk in Andrew’s shoes like a fellow marine with the same experiences.

  And please help all our other vets who have helped protect this country and who are hurt.  There are many out there.

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