There could be an upset brewing in the Senate race in New Mexico.

Retired Marine Col. Allen Weh was trailing incumbent Democrat Sen. Tom Udall by 13 points in mid-September.

Now, it's only a 4 point deficit, less than the margin of error, which could shake up the entire midterm election.

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Weh said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that he's not surprised by his late surge, claiming he expected to be in this situation.

"We came to play. We had a plan, and we're executing the plan," Weh said.

He explained that all his campaign ads featured Udall talking about the issues, letting his opponent speak for himself.

Weh asserted that Udall has no political courage and has never broken with the president, so he's just reminding New Mexico voters that Udall's policies are Obama's policies.

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Weh, who has seemingly come out of nowhere in this election, described himself as a normal guy, but he's far from it.

He joined the Marines at 17, worked through the University of New Mexico, rejoined the Marines and stayed for many years as a career reserve officer, serving in Vietnam, Somalia, the Persian Gulf War and even in Iraq in 2003 and 2004, also finding time to raise a family and build a business.

In his many years in the Marines, Weh received 2 bronze stars and 3 purple hearts.

"You hang around with the Marines long enough, you got shot at and you get hit," Weh joked.

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