Mitt Romney joined "America's Election HQ" as the night appears in the early stages to be shaping up well for Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is projected by Fox News to win re-election, while the Virginia Senate race is unexpectedly close. 

The incumbent Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) was expected by most to hold the seat comfortably against Republican Ed Gillespie. 

(Follow the Senate races as they are called, here.)

Romney said if Republicans win the Senate, the American people will expect action and he believes the party will deliver.

Romney, who campaigned in 27 states for Republican candidates, said he did that because he's worried about the country. 

“I care very deeply about our country. I’m very concerned about the Obama agenda. I think it’s hurt us immeasurably overseas and I think it’s hurt us measurably here in the United States. And my heart goes out to the people that have been hurt by this agenda. And I’m going to continue to fight and campaign for people who I believe in that can get the country going in the right direction."

Megyn Kelly asked whether Romney would be "tempted" to possibly run for president again if the Republican Party wins big tonight.

He did not address the issue of a possible 2016 run, explaining that the American people are tired of hearing personal attacks and about a "war on women" and want to know where candidates stand.

"Right now, they see where President Obama stands and they're passing judgment on his record and his vision," he said, adding that the Democrats are turning to personal attacks because they don't have policies to run on.

He said it'd be "earth-shaking" if Gillespie actually does defeat Warner.