Both incumbent Democratic Senator Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Thom Tillis have spent millions of dollars on the tight Senate battle in North Carolina.

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Tillis, the North Carolina Speaker of the House, joined Heather Nauert on "Happening Now" today and was asked what he would do differently if he were in Hagan's position.

"I would actually do my job," Tillis said. "I would show up for committee meetings. I wouldn't miss over half the Armed Services Committee meeting over a year's time when ISIS has emerged as a threat."

He added that there are hundreds of bills that need to be handed to the president by Congress, which has all but ceased to function under Harry Reid.

Tillis called for policy changes such as sealing the border, repealing or replacing ObamaCare, halting EPA overreach, tax reform and aiding America's economic recovery.

Watch the clip above.

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