It's never too early to look ahead... 

Ed Henry explained on "The Real Story" this afternoon why a potential Republican-controlled Senate could swing back the other way in two years. 

In a phone interview with NPR, President Obama made the claim that this is the "worst possible group of states for Democrats" since the days of Eisenhower.

"There are a lot of states that are being contested where they just tend to vote Republican," said Obama. 

Henry said the comment sounds like a bit of spin from the president, but pointed to a piece he wrote in Esquire magazine in which he pointed out that things look a lot better for Dems in 2016. 

"The Republicans may be celebrating tonight. They may take over the Senate, but they might not be able to celebrate for long because if you actually look at the map, it works well for Republicans tonight. In 2016, Republicans will be defending twice as many Senate seats as Democrats will. That means they're gonna be pinned down with their focus, with their money, in addition to a presidential race out there. They could just as easily lose control of the Senate two years from now," said Henry. 

He noted that it's been electoral ping pong since 2008, and that trend may simply continue.