There has been much speculation that Republicans are likely to capture the Senate in today's midterm election - or a potential December runoff - which could transform the American political landscape.

If the GOP fails to capture the Senate, however, it could have disastrous effects for the party, as Brit Hume warned on "America's Newsroom" today.

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Noting that Republicans have a very favorable election year with the lineup of candidates, key states in play and gaffes on the Democratic side, Hume said the GOP needs to win big.

“If they don’t win this time, the internal conflict in that party … will explode, in my judgment,” Hume said. "The Tea Party people will say, 'Alright, we did it your way this time ... and we still didn't win. We're not going along anymore.' And there will be a civil war, I predict."

He added that a GOP failure to capture the Senate would result in "as bloody a set of recriminations as we've ever seen."

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