Americans will hit the polls tomorrow for this year’s midterm election, but some may be a bit less informed than others.

Jesse Watters went to Washington, D.C, where he asked passersby about midterm candidates, the balance of power, President Obama, and more. Check out the full video above and see five of the most mind-boggling responses to Election Day questions below.

Are you excited for midterms?

“I’m an earth citizen, I don’t vote for a man to govern me.”

When are you going to vote?

“Um… when the elections happen.”

“Do you know when the elections are?”

“Nov. 9, no?”

How many senators are there?

“Uh huh.”

Who controls the Senate right now?

“It’s hard to say, it’s really hard to say.”

“It’s not that hard.”

Will President Obama be a lame duck?

“What do you mean, like he’s not gonna get re-elected?”