Carl Cameron tracked down Kansas Senate hopeful Greg Orman (I) after the candidate's controversial remark about Republicans, including 91-year-old former Senator Bob Dole. 

Orman, who is locked in a tight race with incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), referred to the Republicans campaigning around the state for Roberts as a “Washington Establishment clown car.”

Dole, pictured below, has appeared at campaign events in an effort to keep the Senate seat for the GOP. 

“I don't think I've ever been called a ‘clown’ before. I'm disappointed by Mr. Orman's statement," said Dole, who served 35 years in Congress.

Talking to Cameron (video above), Orman maintained he meant no offense to the revered former presidential nominee.

"It was a metaphor about what we see as one after another, folks from Washington, coming here. It had nothing to do and was not a criticism at all of Senator Dole," said Orman, adding he has "nothing but respect" for Dole.

James Rosen obtained a lengthy email sent by Orman to Dole, which Dole said contained an apology that he accepts. 

The Orman campaign, however, said there was "no formal regrets," in the email, just an explanation from Orman that he was not calling Dole a "clown."

The latest Real Clear Politics poll average shows Orman leading by less than a point.

Sen. Roberts was on "America's Newsroom" this morning, highlighting the fact that Orman's campaign is saying there was no apology. 

"The whole incident has just been an indication of how out of touch my opponent is. He has insulted Bob Dole, who’s an American icon and certainly a Kansas icon, everybody in Kansas, all the veterans groups. I don’t know how he could say something like that. You call Bob Dole a clown and then you have a lengthy statement that goes into a political diatribe. All he had to do was just apologize to Bob," said Roberts, adding that he hopes Orman has apologized or will do so.

Watch the interview below: