Just one day before the midterm election, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney spoke to Neil Cavuto on "Your World" and said that the GOP is poised to pick up multiple seats in the Senate and House, plus legislatures and governorships across the country.

Romney: Midterms Are America Passing Judgment on the Obama Admin

Romney reiterated his earlier comments that this election is the last chance for the American people to pass judgment on the Obama administration and its agenda.

Whether or not the GOP gains control of the Senate, however, remains to be seen, and that will depend on voter turnout on Election Day.

If Republicans win the Senate, Romney said, they're going to have to show Americans that they have ideas on immigration, securing the border, tax reform, jump-starting the economy and fixing ObamaCare.

"These kinds of things, [Americans] are going to want to see come from a Republican House and a Republican Senate," Romney said. "And even though we're unlikely to have 60 seats, I think you're going to see Republicans find consensus with some Democrats and get this kind of legislation moved forward."

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