"The Five" answered YOUR questions tonight ahead of tomorrow's midterm election.

Question: As a 19-year-old, how should I try to convince my friends to go out and vote for the GOP without being annoying?

Greg Gutfeld responded, “You have to say that Republicans are not based on government dependence, but on your own individual achievement, that Republicanism is a challenge to your competitive prowess, not an assumption that you’re a weak-willed person who needs help from the government.”

The difference, Gutfeld said, is that Republicans think people can do better while Democrats think Americans can do worse.

Question: If the GOP takes the Senate, can they overturn much of the Obama health care law?

Kimberly Guilfoyle said that Republicans could likely get some consensus from Democrats on a couple of key provisions. But in terms of abolishing, repealing or rewriting ObamaCare, Guilfoyle thinks they’ll have to wait for a new president.

Question: Do you think more young people will vote Republican due to recent youth unemployment?

Dana Perino said that for young people who have found it hard to get a promotion or still live with their parents, “this is a reason to vote for possible economic changes.”

She said that the GOP-run House has passed a lot of bills which have been stopped by a Democrat-controlled Senate, which would not be stopped by a Republican Senate. Perino added that she doesn’t think Obama will veto everything that the Senate passes.

Question: Can Harry Reid hold onto the leadership post in a Senate minority?

Bob Beckel said Reid can because the Democrats who remain in the Senate will be people who voted for him. Plus, he’s a good parliamentarian and they’ll need him there to go toe-to-toe with Mitch McConnell. He said Reid’s problem will be in 2016 when new senators might opt for a new leader.

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