Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst was on “The Kelly File” tonight where she responded to retiring Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin for saying she is “as good looking as Taylor Swift” and remarking that she sounds nice.

Harkin said he always regrets when someone feels offended by something he says.

Megyn Kelly asked Ernst: Is that an apology, and do you accept it?

“I do think it’s as good of an apology as we will get from Sen. Harkin and I do accept that. It is regrettable that he said those things in the first place but […] just like Taylor Swift says, we’re gonna shake this off,” Ernst said.

'She's Really Attractive': Ernst Fires Back After Dem Senator's Criticism

She added, “I am offended and I’m offended for every woman that runs for office regardless of party when they just talk about what’s on the outside.”

While Ernst said she’s a nice person, she remarked that she is “pretty darn tough,” noting that she has served more than 22 years in the military.

“If my resume had had John Ernst at the top as my name, he wouldn’t have made those comments,” she said.

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