In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said the failure of the Democratic Party is why Republicans are favored to pick up multiple seats in tomorrow's midterm election.

Romney: If GOP Wins the Senate, We Have to Show Americans We Have Ideas

America is not doing real well at the moment, O'Reilly said, noting that the Obama administration is having trouble almost everywhere.

"The president could not even campaign for Democratic candidates because most of them felt he would be a detriment," "The Factor" host said.

"It’s clear that President Obama's economic policies have not helped working Americans."

According to O'Reilly, Obama and the Democratic Party believe that the federal government should essentially run the economy, pouring nearly one trillion taxpayer dollars into the marketplace for a lowly two percent growth rate per year on average.

"It’s simple, the feds cannot run the private economy. It's not working," O'Reilly said. "And that is the Democratic philosophy: big government, many regulations, high taxation. Again, it is not working."

Also facing challenges from Russia, ISIS and Iran, U.S. foreign policy is in disarray, O'Reilly added.

To top it all off, education is also not going well.

"Spending does not translate into good education. Discipline does," O'Reilly said.

"Both teachers and students must be held accountable in the classroom. By and large, the Democratic party opposes that philosophy."

As for Republicans, O'Reilly pointed out there is little to say because of a lack of a cohesive message, visible leadership and unity.

"But the failure of the Democratic Party overrides the inertia of the Republican Party and that is why the GOP is favored to win tomorrow."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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