On tonight’s “On The Record,” Greta Van Susteren spoke with a number of officials on the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison.

Reps. Matt Salmon and Ed Royce discussed Tahmooressi’s return to the U.S.

“He was ecstatic,” Salmon said.

Still, Salmon noted that the Marine has a long road ahead of him and must get necessary PTSD care, adding that Tahmooressi said the jail was more harrowing than two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

He said the fact that President Barack Obama “did literally nothing himself […] just makes me angrier than angry.”

Salmon told Van Susteren, “I got involved in this about six months ago, and it was 100 percent because of your reporting. I didn’t even know about it before watching it on your show, and that’s when I decided to get involved.”

“We’re behind him, and we’re rooting for him,” Royce said of Tahmooressi.

Then, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Duncan Hunter joined Van Susteren.

Ros-Lehtinen called it “unconscionable that the Obama administration didn’t lift a finger,” and said that Tahmooressi’s PTSD is now much more pronounced.

Van Susteren questioned why Mexico didn’t just deport the jailed Marine.

“I think Mexico was just trying to make a point,” Hunter said.

Montel Williams, who helped free Tahmooressi, also spoke with Van Susteren in an impassioned interview tonight.

“I think we need to understand the hero that he is,” Williams said of Tahmooressi. “He was traumatized in the battlefield. He got traumatized in this prison.”

He told Van Susteren,“We leave no man behind.”