Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, joined Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" today and said that several Senate races are too close to call, and we may have to wait until after Tuesday's midterms to find out if Republicans have gained control of the Senate.

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"You're going to have probably at least one runoff [in Louisiana]. You might have another in Georgia, but you might not. And Alaska takes forever to count," Sabato explained, adding that he thinks the Republicans will indeed capture the Senate, quite possibly by more than one seat.

Sabato noted that President Obama's unpopularity will likely play a role in not just those campaigns, but other key Senate races in Kansas and Iowa.

Watch more above and check out recent poll numbers in these key Senate races below.

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"I think Sen. Mary Landrieu has probably met her match," Sabato said of the race that will almost certainly end in a run-off in December. "She's going to have great difficulty winning this year."


Nunn has managed to turn this into a real race, Sabato said, but Georgia is still a red state, and he expects Perdue to win the seat.


The Democratic candidate, Begich, has run a great campaign and done everything well, according to Sabato. However, the national mood and anti-Obama sentiment will likely lead to Sullivan winning in Alaska for Republicans.


"I think everybody's nominee for worst campaign of the year is Sen. Pat Roberts," Sabato said, noting that it's incredible Republicans have to exert so much effort in typically "ruby red Kansas." Although the race is dead even, Sabato said Republicans should manage to drag Roberts across the finish line.


Strongly anti-Obama and anti-ObamaCare, Joni Ernst has taken advantage of Braley's gaffe's to strengthen her position, Sabato said.

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