One year ago, Marysue Grivna was a happy and healthy nine-year-old girl.

But just three days after receiving a flu shot, she was suddenly paralyzed and diagnosed with a rare disease.

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Carla Grivna, Marysue's mother, spoke to Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning.

Grivna said doctors won't confirm or deny a link between her daughter's paralysis and the flu shot, but Grivna and her husband are 100% sure that the shot is what caused Marysue's condition.

"There was no underlying condition," Grivna said. "So many tests at the hospital to try and find something else that could have caused it, and they could not find anything."

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Now confined to a wheelchair and with a very limited vocabulary, Marysue has been diagnosed with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a rare inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which affects approximately 8 in 1 million people per year.

"I'm saying to parents: hear my story, understand what happened to my daughter, ask questions, be informed and make an informed decision with your doctor's guidance," Grivna said.

You can support Marysue and her family at their GoFundMe page.

Watch the heartbreaking clip above and

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