With midterms almost upon us, Republicans appear to be riding a wave of momentum - and anti-President Obama sentiment - that could carry them all the way to control of the Senate.

Despite Obama's unpopularity and an overall favorable situation for Republicans across the country, there are still multiple races that are extremely tight.

"This isn't a pro-GOP election, it's an anti-Obama election," Megyn Kelly said to Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday."

Obama Dominating Twitter Conversation Ahead of Midterms

Obama has lost his credibility with many voters, Kelly said, so some are simply voting against Democrats on the ballot, as opposed to choosing the GOP.

Kelly quoted recent a comment from Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), "It’s not as though people have all a sudden fallen in love with Republicans. It’s just a loss of confidence in this administration."

Watch the clip above to hear Kelly, Brit Hume, George Will and Juan Williams share expert analysis on the election.

Romney: Midterms Are America Passing Judgment on the Obama Admin