Adam Sharp, Head of Twitter News, Government and Elections, joined Bret Baier for a must-see interview on The Daily Bret to discuss some of the key issues voters across the U.S. are tweeting about ahead of Tuesday's midterms (video below).

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According to Sharp, what jumps out from the data is that the number one thing people are tweeting about in nearly every state is President Obama.

"If they're talking about this election, talking about politics, they're sharing their opinion, one way or the other, on the president. That is a very strong influence on the dialogue," Sharp said, adding that what else people are talking about on Twitter ahead of the midterms varies state-by-state.

For example, Ebola is on the minds of New Yorkers, while law enforcement practices are a major concern for the residents of Missouri, following the trouble in Ferguson.

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As for a gender split, Sharp noted that 60% of the tweets about politics are by men - skewing toward issues like terrorism, taxes and cybersecurity - compared to 40% by women - whose tweets leaned toward gay rights, education and abortion.

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