With Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst slightly leading Rep. Bruce Braley in the key race in Iowa – 45% to 44% in the most recent Fox News poll – Democrats are pulling out all the stops in the neck-and-neck campaign that could decide if Republicans gain control of Congress.

INTERVIEW: Senate Control Could Come Down to Joni Ernst in Iowa

Ernst spoke to Neil Cavuto on “The Cost of Freedom” today from Ames, Iowa, and said she isn’t worried about Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigning for her opponent or all the millions of dollars Democrats are spending in her state because she’s confident she has both momentum and the issues that are important to Iowans on her side.

Ernest said that her strategy of tying Braley to President Obama is working because the president, as he is around most of the country, is very unpopular in Iowa.

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Ernst said that when she speaks to people across Iowa, ObamaCare, jobs, the economy and government overspending are the issues that Iowans are talking about.

"They are extremely concerned about our national debt and what we're passing on to our children and grandchildren."

Watch more of Neil Cavuto's interview with Ernst above.

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