Despite the fact that Latino voters are still heavily skewed toward the Democratic Party - 57% Democrat to 28% Republican in the most recent Pew Research poll - the numbers also show that 18-29 year-old Latino voters are beginning to identify with and lean toward the Republican Party more.

Obama Dominating Twitter Conversation Ahead of Midterms

Ann Coulter said on "America's News Headquarters" today that the Republican Party needs to address immigration, but it shouldn't try to appeal to Latino voters by sucking up to them and giving out "favors or goodies" like the Democrats.

"Racial politics is the Democrats' game," Coulter said, adding that Republicans should appeal to Latinos the way Mitt Romney did during the 2012 election, by offering freedom and opportunity, not handouts.

She explained that the GOP needs to address issues like immigration head-on, instead of simply trying to woo Latino voters.

"This continuing mass immigration inevitably spells disaster for Republicans," Coulter said. "Over time, the Republican Party will win over immigrants, but even with the immigrants at the turn of the century, it took us about 100 years to get the Irish and Italians."

"The Democrats are the foreigners party and the Republicans are the American party."

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