Kids in Florida public schools could soon be coloring between the… horns?

Satanic Temple submitted a coloring book to the Orange County School District, requesting permission to distribute them to students.

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The submission comes after a judge ruled that religious pamphlets of all kinds can be distributed following a lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Read more from the Orlando Sentinel:

The coloring book features cartoon children performing Satanic rituals and drawing pentragrams in school, along with a word search for words like "acceptance" and "friends" and a maze to reach the Necronmicon, a fabled occult spellbook. The children in the book wear Satanic symbols on their shirts and spread anti-bullying and religious tolerance messages. A coloring page features a girl reading in a study filled with Satanic art, books and symbols. A connect-the-dots sheet creates a pentagram.

District counsel Woody Rodriguez said legal staff would review the materials, as it did for a previous atheist group that distributed some materials to Orange students. There is no set timeline for a decision.

The school board has discussed changing its policy that allows the distribution of religious materials on tables inside high schools, but no action has been taken, and no changes are currently planned.

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