A lesbian opts out of ObamaCare, questioning why she should pay for reproductive care she doesn’t want or need. A grandmother loses her doctor and takes on the government. An entrepreneur worries about layoffs, and a young doctor retires rather than dealing with Obamacare. But a young unwed mother of two champions the subsidized benefits of the law.

These are some of the stories we tell from the first year of ObamaCare in a state that boasts about its independent spirit - Live Free or Die - and is a microcosm of the troubled rollout of the health care law, highly relevant to the national experience and to the balance of power in the Senate. 

As much as Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen wishes the law were designed differently, a Fox News investigation shows how she has had a hand in health care reform for decades.

Dr. Joe Hannon was so outraged over the Affordable Care Act that he quit practicing medicine in Florida, moved to New Hampshire and is now running for state office as a Republican. Watch the clip below for more.

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