The White House has taken an apparent shot at Maine two days in a row, saying that Ebola policy is up to the states, but science should prevail.

Charles Krauthammer was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he said that Democrats have a long history of pretending to be the party of science, while Republicans or anyone who opposes them are the party of obscure superstition.

“Explain to me, Mr. President, how is it that it is science to not have a quarantine for a civilian nurse but to have the Department of Defense […] declare a 21-day quarantine for any soldier who serves in these hot-zone countries. Does the virus actually decide whether it’s gonna multiply and kill the patient on the basis of whether it’s a nurse, who’s a civilian, or a soldier, who’s a member of the military? This is not science, this is policy, and I think the administration is advocating the wrong policy.”

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Krauthammer noted that Maine nurse Kaci Hickox says she knows she doesn’t have Ebola.

“She doesn’t know she doesn’t have it. You won’t know ‘til the three weeks are up,” he said, stressing that she should not risk the public’s health.

While Krauthammer said there’s no question that quarantines violate civil liberties, he said this is just what we do in epidemics.

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Krauthammer also remarked that the cure for the administration’s contradictory messaging on Ebola was supposed to be the Ebola czar who is “nowhere to be seen.”

“I think actually he’s probably himself in self-quarantine. Where the heck is this guy?”

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