A Yale graduate student who is now free from a Connecticut-ordered quarantine joined Gretchen Carlson on “The Real Story” this afternoon.

Ryan Boyko went overseas to work with the Liberian government on a computer program to track Ebola. Three days after returning home, he developed a fever and other symptoms. Boyko tested negative for Ebola and his symptoms subsided, but because of Connecticut’s Ebola policies and his exposure to the NBC cameraman who contracted Ebola, the state ordered him into a 21-day quarantine.

Boyko said he spent his first free day visiting his girlfriend, walking around town, and going to a coffee shop.

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When asked about the quarantine, Boyko told Carlson, “It’s a terrible policy.”

The student explained that he was actively monitoring himself for signs and symptoms of Ebola. He reported his fever immediately and tested negative for Ebola, but that’s when the state decided to quarantine him.

Boyko explained that the one thing we know works is when people monitor their symptoms and report them. He said state-ordered quarantines are “a disincentive for people to do the one thing that does work.”

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