One Maryland GOP lawmaker is touting "smoking gun" evidence that non-citizens can vote in the state. 

Four residents have filed a federal lawsuit over the alleged fraud, asking a judge to intervene before Tuesday.

Del. Pat McDonough said he has obtained "formal documentation," which he says has "never been done before."

Republicans in the state also allege there are problems with voting machines changing votes and errors with absentee ballot mailing addresses.

More details via the Maryland Reporter:

Del. Pat McDonough, R-Baltimore County, announced a lawsuit filed by four Frederick County citizens in federal court Friday seeking a mandatory review by election officials of approximately 400 Frederick County residents who declined to participate in jury duty because they claimed they were not U.S. citizens. Those same people were registered to vote, despite a legal requirement to be a U.S. citizen before registering.

McDonough said the lawsuit documents proof that approximately 100 of the “300 to 400″ non-citizens have cast votes in Maryland elections since 2006.

McDonough has also asked the state prosecutor to investigate Maryland’s remaining counties and Baltimore City, where jury duty records were not readily available. He said he suspects there are thousands of cases where similar non-citizens haven’t been removed from the voting rolls.

“This is the first inning in a nine inning lawsuit,” McDonough said in a phone interview. “There is no question we’ve uncovered major fraud… Folks that are non-citizens that are thinking about voting in this election, when this story breaks, I think they are going to have second thoughts because they know the prosecutor is going to be looking into these votes. So this may be beneficial in trying to promote a fair election.”

McDonough has also pre-filed legislation titled the Voter Discovery Act, which would close the loophole by requiring court clerks to report the information to the state election board within 30 days of receiving it.

McDonough will announce the lawsuit on WCBM radio on Wednesday morning.

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