Tonight on the fastest seven minutes in television, the hosts of “The Five” weighed in on three buzz-worthy topics.

This morning, Taylor Swift sang “Welcome to New York” on “Good Morning America” in the largest Times Square concert ever. Though she’s been getting criticism from some for her song – and her new role as Global Welcome Ambassador for New York City – Swift donated all proceeds of the new hit single to New York Public Schools.

Dana Perino praised Swift as “an American gem” and a self-made success.

“She is the best ambassador New York could imagine,” Perino said.

Gutfeld said criticism of Swift “is driven by envious bloggers and critics on websites like Gawker.”

Meanwhile, Bob Beckel wondered: what’s the downside of Swift being in New York? Seems like all upsides to him.

"The Five" got a laugh out of Michael Jordan trash-talking President Obama’s golf game after Jordan called the president a “hack” and a “sh**ty golfer.”

“Were you surprised that Obama after 200 rounds of golf isn’t that good a golfer yet?” Eric Bolling asked.

“His job’s interfering with it,” Kimberly Guilfoyle quipped.

Greg Gutfeld remarked, “The irony is that President Obama is over-par as a golfer, but under-par as a leader, and in both cases, he lacks drive.”

With less than a week until the midterm election, Woody Harrelson is the voice of a climate change PSA, which urges people who are concerned about environmental issues to hit the polls on Nov. 4.

Gutfeld called the ad “an emotional plea that dismissed skeptics because they’re so scared of the debate.”

“This is what happens when you smoke too much pot,” Guilfoyle said of Harrelson.