A Marine Corps father has been banned from his daughter’s school after he complained about her homework assignment on Islam.

Kevin Wood said his 11th grade daughter was asked to write a three-page essay about Islam’s five pillars, Mecca and Mohammed at La Plata High School in Maryland.

He argued that students can’t study Christianity in schools “but we can force-feed our kids Islam.”

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Wood asked the school to give his daughter an alternate assignment, but officials refused and defended the subject matter.

“We’re not teaching religion, we’re teaching world history,” school spokesperson Katie O’Malley-Simpson said. She also alleges that Wood was threatening to cause a disruption, which is why they banned him from school property.

Wood’s wife Melissa said her husband was simply trying to make a point.

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“The people do not understand what he endured when he was over in Iraq,” she said through tears. “And he lost friends, and he lost brothers and sisters to these people.”

The Wood family is trying to work out an agreement with the school board. If they can’t, they say their daughter won’t do the assignment and will take the ‘F.’