UPDATE: Hickox defied the Ebola quarantine on Thursday morning by going for a bike ride near her home. She also spoke to reporters.

The state of Maine is seeking a court order to try to force a nurse to stay inside her home.

Kaci Hickox, a 33-year-old nurse who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Africa, told NBC today, “I don’t plan on sticking to the guidelines.” She then threatened to take legal action against the state of Maine if the restrictions are not lifted.

“Currently, I’m the one that’s suffering,” she said.

Hickox’s lawyers walked her statements back, telling Fox News they will only pursue court action if the state physically prevents her from leaving her home.

Fox News Obtains Memo Detailing How Ebola Patients Could Come to U.S.

Hickox has also threatened legal action against New Jersey, which held her in quarantine when she landed in Newark. What did Gov. Chris Christie have to say about a potential lawsuit?

“Get in line,” he said, adding, “She had access to the Internet, and we brought her takeout food!”

“The Kelly File” also tonight provided an update on a memo obtained by Fox News, which discussed the possibility of admitting non-U.S. citizens into the nation for Ebola treatment.

The State Department today said that the five-page memo was not discussed at the highest levels and is not applicable at this point.

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