A father-of-eight explained in the Washington Post that he isn’t paying for his children’s college.

He says it’s better to teach them the value of work, which then teaches kids about money, while also pointing them toward professions they might like.

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David T. Fagan has eight kids and his oldest daughter is a senior in high school–and he hasn’t saved a penny for his children’s college education. But Fagan isn’t stressing. In fact, Fagan says he would prefer it if his children didn’t go to college at all.

Fagan and his wife lay out their parenting philosophy in new book Guerrilla Parenting, scheduled to be released in January, and say they encourage their children to strike out on their own and create businesses from the time they’re in elementary school. If the children are set on going to college — and their oldest is– Fagan says he expects his children to work, save up and earn scholarships. Or at the very least, they need to make a good case for how they’re going to use the degree to land a job and avoid ending up back on his couch.

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Greg Gutfeld said this evening that Fagan’s point makes sense.

“You should help your kid figure out what he loves because all college teaches him to love is college. Four years of fooling around, stumbling home drunk and sleeping in? What's not to love? I loved it so much, I did it 'tiI I was 40,” Gutfeld said. “Worse, college teaches you to love yourself.”

Gutfeld maintained that “college becomes therapy that champions internal infatuation,” resulting in “self-righteousness that’s inversely proportional to naiveté.”

According to Gutfeld, college classes are “an impenetrable bubble where only the mold of grievance grows.”

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Gutfeld argued that real work brings independence.

“We used to call it the school of hard knocks, the lost art of self-reliance. If we bring that back, we might rescue this country from the incubated elites currently in charge. We better do it fast. Their diapers are full.”

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue and “The Five” hosts’ reactions above.