With less than a week until the midterm election, Sean Hannity said tonight that liberals are using race-baiting tactics in their ads.

Ann Coulter joined Hannity to discuss, telling him that the GOP has historically been the party of civil rights.

Ann Coulter: ‘We Need an Immigration Moratorium’

“The Democrats pretended to care about African Americans for about six seconds and then suddenly civil rights became the right of a lesbian to take her date to the high school prom, the right to an abortion, and now of course, the right of foreigners to move here and take black people’s jobs. That’s how Republicans need to hit this now. We’re the party that is opposed to guest worker programs taking your jobs. It is well established that immigration hurts black workers the most.”

Even if you disagree with the candidates, Coulter said, “You have to vote Republican.”

Ann Coulter Blasts Groups Who Post ‘Jeremiads’ Against ‘Good Republicans’

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