In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said it’s obvious that many Americans just don’t care how their government operates.

Although O’Reilly said that the Obama administration is having a tough time running the country, 40 percent of Americans still approve of Obama’s job performance.

“Mind-boggling,” O’Reilly said.

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“The Factor” host charged the administration with not having a coherent Ebola policy. He noted that there’s no travel ban from West Africa and that the U.S. lacks a mandatory quarantine.

Meanwhile, Kaci Hickox, a 33-year-old Maine nurse, is defying her state quarantine because she can, O”Reilly said.

“If public health authorities deem a 21-day quarantine period necessary, so be it. Ms. Hickox should be taken into custody, but she will not be because the federal government has no Ebola policy.”

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O’Reilly noted that Obama opposes forced quarantines for civilians but allows them for the military.

Even worse than the Ebola situation, O’Reilly said, is the administration’s failure to enforce immigration law.

Two California sheriff’s deputies were killed last week by an illegal immigrant who had been deported twice.

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“Does Gov. Jerry Brown care?” O’Reilly asked, noting that Brown has been a champion of rights for undocumented immigrants.

“The Factor” called Brown’s office to see if he would attend the funerals of the two sheriff’s deputies. His office said the governor doesn’t know – he might not.

“That’s appalling,” O’Reilly said. “Gov. Brown should be in the front pew of the funerals, apologizing to the families of the slain police officers because it is the sanctuary policies in California that attract Illegal criminals.”

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O’Reilly remarked that Obama has not secured the border or commented on the murdered officers. “The Factor” host also noted that he has been talking about the failure to enforce immigration law for more than 10 years, recalling a debate with Geraldo Rivera nearly seven years ago about an illegal immigrant who killed two teens in Virginia Beach.

“If the government is a performance-based situation, an honest person would have to say that the performance on Ebola and on illegal immigration is pitiful, is it not?”

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