The refusal to implement quarantines as a response to the Ebola outbreak is yet another sign of the "incompetency" of the Obama administration, Sarah Palin said Monday night on "On the Record."

The former Alaska governor pointed to the quarantines put in place by New Jersey and New York, arguing that they're an example of states acting more effectively than the feds.

"We know that the most efficient and effective level of government is that which is closest to the people. Obviously state government, leadership there is more connected and much more efficient and effective than far off bubble, Washington, DC, trying to call the shots for these governors. There is a void of leadership here and the governors need to step up and step in," said Palin.

Palin said governors should realize that they "can’t trust the Obama administration to really do much of anything right," and questioned whether liberals in the Obama administration see the Ebola outbreak as another crisis to capitalize on. 

"In fact, this administration, some characters within it, have advocated for and even advertised their desire to capitalize on crisis. They are not going to let it go to waste. Those are some Saul Alinsky tactics, "Rules for Radicals," one of those rules is, yes, you capitalize on crisis. It’s kind of a fear mode that they don’t mind the people of America being in so that the people of America would think that they have to rely on big brother government to answer the questions for them and solve the problem," she said. 

Palin slammed the administration for refusing to take "politics" out of the equation in its response on Ebola and rely solely on the advice of the medical community for preventing the spread of the virus inside America.

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