If you contract Ebola, can you sue the federal government for negligence?

Bill O’Reilly posed this question tonight to Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

While Americans can’t usually sue the government because it has immunity, Wiehl said that you could make the case for negligence by omission because the government didn’t do enough.

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Guilfoyle explained that you could sue and argue that the federal government failed to protect you, “that their negligence was in fact a direct, proximate cause of the injury received and that you in fact sustained damages.”

O’Reilly also asked whether the family members of the two slain sheriff’s deputies in California could sue for negligence since they were murdered by a twice-deported illegal immigrant who didn’t serve time for his crimes.

Guilfoyle said they could try and make the case for it, noting that a very good case could be made.

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