A Delaware high school football team has been forced to change a longstanding post-game ritual of praying together after an atheist advocacy group obtained a photo of the head coach and players bowing their heads in prayer.

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Trace Gallagher reported on “The Real Story” this afternoon that the photo of the team prayer appeared in the local newspaper, which some people sent to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The FFRF wrote a letter to the school board, demanding that the coach stop praying with his players.

“While students may wish to engage in prayer on their own, school staff, including coaches, cannot participate or encourage such religious activities,” an attorney representing the FFRF wrote.

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Although all coaches are now barred from praying with the players, the team has decided to continue the tradition, with the coaches forced to step a few feet back.

The team's head coach has said that this is the first time in his 40 years of coaching that he has not been allowed to pray with his players, but he will continue to instill right and wrong in them.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think about this prayer ban in the comments.

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