Although it looks like the GOP has all the momentum with midterms a week away, Glenn Beck, author of the new book "Dreamers and Deceivers: True Stories of the Heroes and Villains Who Made America," appeared on "Hannity" tonight and said that he is upset with Republicans.

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"The reason why the Republicans are duking it out is because they went and they clipped the wings and knocked the knees out of anybody who actually believed in the Constitution and actually wanted to really go and make some fundamental changes in Washington," Beck said.

He added it’s foolish that Republicans are spending so much money on midterm races that are ostensibly “progressive vs. progressive” when they could be uniting the country behind basic principles that most Americans agree with.

Looking past midterms, Beck wondered what Republicans would or could do about President Obama’s planned post-election executive action to offer mass amnesty to illegal immigrants, even if the GOP holds both the House and the Senate.

"What moral authority do [Republicans] have to actually make any kind of moves?" Beck asked.

Hannity pointed out that the only constitutional authority Republicans would have is the power of the purse, which they have been unwilling to use up to this point.

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Beck suggested that if they hold both the House and the Senate, Republicans should focus on policing themselves and ending any “insider trading” – making sure that Congress lives by the same exact laws as everyone else.

"If they went in and they attacked themselves first, they would actually have the moral authority to be able to move the country forward."

Watch the clip above and be sure to pick up "Dreamers and Deceivers," available now.

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