Glenn Beck, author of the new book "Dreamers and Deceivers: True Stories of the Heroes and Villains Who Made America," revealed on "Hannity" tonight that his top six suggestions for how to turn the country around are all "return to common sense."

"You’re not going to be able to fix anything until we can at least admit the problems that we have and then fix the easy low-hanging fruit. And it really is from common sense," Beck asserted.

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According to Beck, three common sense problems that can be easily identified are dangers to Americans' health, the looming threat of terrorism and an unstable U.S. economy.

First, to deal with the Ebola outbreak, Beck said we must institute a mandatory 21-day isolation for anyone flying out of West Africa.

Second, we must call "psychotic Islam" for what it is and "rip it out by its roots."

Third, we need to admit that our economy is not doing well and the Federal Reserve is printing far too much money, which could lead to inflation.

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Hannity asked Beck if he had confidence that Republicans have a vision and will follow through with common sense measures if the GOP does hold both the House and Senate after next week's midterms.

“I fear that no matter who gets into office, unless they truly have a spine and they listen to the American people and to common sense, they're going to do exactly the same thing, just at a slower speed,” Beck concluded.

Watch the clip above and be sure to pick up "Dreamers and Deceivers," available now.

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