More than 2,000 students at UC Berkeley are petitioning for the school to drop Bill Maher as commencement speaker over his criticism of Islam.

He recently criticized Islam, saying, “It’s the only religion that acts like the mafia.”

Maher has bashed Christianity in the past, calling God “a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it.”

‘Hannity’ Panel Takes on Bill Maher’s Controversial ‘Noah’ Remarks

“Have they said anything about the Christians that have been killed in the Middle East? Have they said anything about the atrocities? My guess is no. So until you start to stand up for what is decent, basic human rights, you oughta keep your mouth shut and let Maher speak all he wants,” Bob Beckel said.

“This is the triumph of the modern tolerance movement, which happily suppresses freedom of speech while tolerating the most sinister aspects of Sharia Law,” Greg Gutfeld said.

O'Reilly Fires Back at Bill Maher for Spouting 'Dishonest Gibberish'

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