It's been a long road for Sgt. Noah Galloway since he lost his leg and arm in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

After battling depression for years, the Army veteran has now made it to the cover of Men's Health magazine.

The popular publication named him America's "Ultimate Men's Health Guy" this month.

He explained on "Fox and Friends" this morning (video above) that dedicating himself to fitness is what helped him get through the five years of depression that followed the 2005 attack that almost took his life.

Galloway recalled that he was driving a Humvee on a night patrol when the vehicle rolled right over a trip wire, setting off an IED so powerful that it sent the 9,000-pound armored Humvee flying into a canal.

"I don't remember any of it. I woke up six days later. It was Christmas Day and I was at Walter Reed," said Galloway, recalling that initially he started working out at 1 or 2am to avoid stares.

He said he tried out different things and it was a lot of trial and error to figure out how to work out without the left side of his body.

"Fitness is better than any medicine out there. It completely got me back on track. I'm a better father with my children," he said.

Galloway said he wouldn't change anything that happened, not even the depression that he had to battle through.

Now, he can even race in Tough Mudder events. 

He learned about the Men's Health online voting when his friend, actor Andy McDermott of the FOX series "Enlisted," asked for votes on Facebook.

"I saw it and I was like, 'vote for you?' I want to enter," said Galloway, adding that eventually McDermott withdrew and asked all his friends to vote for Galloway. 

Galloway is hoping that his comeback story will inspire other veterans.

He also got some cupcakes from the hosts, since it's his birthday today.

Watch the full interview above, and check out the inspiring profile about Galloway just released by Men's Health: