With just over a week left until the midterm elections, "America's Newsroom" got some expert analysis of the key Senate races from Karl Rove, Joe Trippi, and Ed Rollins.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows more voters believe the GOP should control Congress.

Another result from this poll (below) points to more momentum possibly being on the Republican side.

The question was about how recent events are shaping voters' attitudes.

Trippi said he believes these polls confirm the expectation that the GOP is going to pick up Senate seats, though it's unclear if they will get to 51. 

"That would be a good indicator that the trend may be going their way bigger than people think," said Trippi. 

Rove predicted that the GOP will gain six to eight seats. Republicans need to gain at least six to have a Senate majority.

Check out Rove's thoughts in the clip above and Trippi and Rollins' observations below.

Below are some recent polls on the most hotly contested races, with some analysis from the Fox News contributors.

Rove: Orman's 10-point lead in early Oct. polls has shrunk to one. Momentum should result in Roberts victory.
Rove: Private polling I've seen indicates Cotton will defeat Pryor.
Rove: Still up in the air, but momentum since Oct. 1 favors Tillis.
Rove: Gardner went from 6-down to 1-up in a month in NBC polls. Key questions are ground game, Hispanic turnout.
Rollins: Smart move for Ernst to skip meeting with Des Moines Register's editorial board
Trippi: Dangerous for any incumbent when they're polling in the mid-40s. Rollins: McConnell will win by 3-4 points.