A man accused of killing two California sheriff's deputies and injuring a third was previously deported from the U.S. twice, used multiple identities and has a criminal record, according to federal officials.

Luis Bracamonte - who was arrested and deported in 1997 for drug possession and again in 2001 for an unspecified offense - will have a hearing tomorrow to determine if he will be tried in the U.S. or Mexico.

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Neil Cavuto on Your World and said that his county turns thousands of illegal immigrants who commit state offenses over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be deported, but as high as 36% of those criminals will reenter the U.S.

"Either the border is really unsecured, or they're letting these guys off in the streets of Maricopa Country," Arpaio said. "We got a big problem. I will be asking for a congressional investigation. This has to stop when these guys keep coming back."

"It's a form of amnesty by the Obama administration."

Watch the clip above.

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