Rick Leventhal reported (video above) that a New York City doctor is said to be "looking better" today, but is still in serious but stable condition after contracting the Ebola virus. 

Dr. Craig Spencer's condition improved Sunday after he received a blood transfusion from Nancy Writebol, a nurse who survived the illness after contracting it in Africa. 

Meantime, a five-year-old boy is being evaluated in New York after spiking a fever of 102.7 after just returning from Guinea. 

The boy was in isolation and being tested, while his family is in quarantine.

Earlier today, a nurse (pictured below) who had spoken out against quarantine procedures in New Jersey was cleared by the CDC to return home to Maine. 

Kaci Hickox was placed in quarantine Friday after arriving from Sierra Leone, where she treated Ebola patients. 

Hickox was subject to a mandatory 21-day quarantine by the state even though she had not shown symptoms. 

The state defended the "advanced tenting" facility outside a Newark hospital, saying Hickox had access to a computer, cell phone, reading materials and food of choice. 

But Hickox slammed the state's quarantine effort, arguing it felt like prison and that her human rights were violated.

For more details on the Ebola outbreak, go to FoxNews.com.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) responded to the criticism on "Fox News Sunday," defending the state's decision to quarantine anyone who had direct contact with Ebola patients in Africa. 

Christie argued that the CDC protocols continue to "move and change" and noted that he's responsible for public health in the most densely populated state in America.

"It was my conclusion that that we needed to do this to protect the public health of the people of New Jersey," said Christie, adding that he believes the CDC will "come around" to his point of view. 

Watch that interview below: