Are you doing everything you can to keep yourself and your family safe?

In her opening commentary, Judge Jeanine Pirro highlighted the fact that the Canadian Parliament attacker was stopped by a heroic Sergeant-at-Arms with a gun.

She argued that in the era of lone wolf terrorists, people cannot always assume the government and law enforcement will be there to protect them.

Pirro called out the Obama administration for not having "the guts" to refer to some of these attacks as terrorism, instead calling the Oklahoma beheading and the Fort Hood rampage "workplace violence."

She applauded the NYPD commissioner for labeling this week's hatchet attack on police officers as a terror attack. 

Pirro pointed back to the lockdown in Boston after the marathon bombing, saying every law enforcement asset was devoted to finding the bombers.

She questioned whether police, at that moment, could have responded quickly to a homeowner's call about an intruder. 

"That burglary call would definitely be put on the back burner. ... This is the dawn of a new era, when you have to be ready for anything," the judge said, adding that she doesn't want to scare people because that's what terrorists want. 

"But know this: you simply cannot depend on others to protect you. You're going to need to take whatever action you can to protect yourself and your family. Because in this era of lone wolves, in the end, you may be the only one there to do it." 

Watch the full commentary above.

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