"A mere election won't fix what's wrong with America," Mike Huckabee said in his opening commentary Saturday night.

The Gov. believes the nation is in need a "moral and spiritual awakening" and a "good dose of common sense."

He pointed to many examples of Christians' religious beliefs being infringed upon, while Guantanamo Bay inmates receive special accommodations. 

Houston Pastor: City Wants to See My Sermons, Emails, Text Messages

Inmates at Gitmo are now complaining that they won't leave their cells if they're being escorted by a woman.

Huckabee explained that the inmates already get expensive Muslim-approved meals, arrows in their cells pointing to Mecca, and prayer rugs, plus the suspected terrorists can also keep their beards.

"[The Fort Hood attacker] gets to keep his beard, even though it's against military policy, because we don't want to offend his religion. Good God people, he's a terrorist!" said Huckabee.

While the government makes these accommodations for terrorists, "we stomp all over the religious convictions of Americans," he argued. 

Huckabee highlighted a recent story about two ministers in Idaho who are facing the threat of fines or possibly jail time because they don't want to perform same-sex weddings.

"Muslims don't accept homosexual marriage either. But when have you heard the Human Rights Commission squealing about the Muslims?" he asked. 

Huckabee said while radical Muslims are committing terror attacks in Canada, Oklahoma and New York City, the mayor of Houston is ordering pastors to turn over sermons. 

"So where's the Justice Department? Oh, they're making sure Nidal Hasan gets to keep his hairy face," said Huckabee.

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