There are a lot of angry parents and disappointed kids in Newington, Connecticut after elementary schools there canceled Halloween celebrations. 

The schools were apparently concerned about offending families who don't observe Halloween. A "Fall Festival" will be held in place of the usual Halloween parades for kindergarten and first-grade students at Ruth Chaffee Elementary and Anna Reynolds School.

More details from Fox Connecticut:

The town’s other two elementary schools, John Paterson and Elizabeth Green, don’t hold Halloween parades or parties, having stopped a number of years ago.

School officials wanted to have all four elementary schools have consistent policies.

“Everyone’s politically correct now and you don’t want to insult anyone’s denomination or religion,” parent Eric Jones said.

Certain religious groups don’t celebrate Halloween, but it’s unclear whether the school system made the change with religion in-mind.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I don’ find it to be a big religious thing, the kids just get together with their costumes and have fun. It’s not like they talk about much, it’s just a day to have fun at school,” said Denise Perez, a parent of a student at Ruth Chaffee School.

Karen Petersen and her daughter, Willow, sat down with Clayton Morris to discuss the schools' policies. Petersen said students can still dress up at the Fall Festival, but only as their favorite book character. 

She said the schools are trying to have Halloween without calling it Halloween out of concerns about political correctness.

The principal at Anna Reynolds School said in a statement that the festival will allow for more academic content and be "safe and comfortable for all."

Petersen said she hopes the schools reverse their decision after the outcry from parents.

Watch the full interview above.

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